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May 10th, 2017

Mother’s Day Brunch, Farmers Market Style

Love Mother’s Day Brunch, but hate the wait? We might have a solution!

Instead of waiting for a table at a crowded restaurant, grab a picnic blanket and some utensils and take Mom to your favorite farmers market. There, you can put together a fuss-free, delectably delicious picnic brunch for the Mom in your life. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Browse the selection and make your pick. At Maryland’s farmers markets, you’ll have to make the difficult decision of choosing between handmade pastries (think fresh bear claws and assorted danishes), artisan breads (twisted pumpernickel rye, anyone?), small batch jams (jalapeno strawberry for the adventurous, perhaps), butter and cheeses (an herbed goat cheese spread sounds pretty good to us right now), fruit (STRAWBERRY season is upon us!), and some of the finest prepared foods and brewed beverages around. There’s no denying it – this might be the hardest step. But the tradeoff is well worth it!

Step 2: Once you’ve done your shopping, find a grassy spot in a nearby park.

Step 3: Enjoy your haul in the best company you can find!

Sunday’s forecast looks good, but if that changes (or if the Mom you are celebrating isn’t really the outdoors type…), you can still skip the brunch line. Just visit a market for the fixings for a delicious homemade meal (hint: you can never go wrong with asparagus frittata), invite Mom over, and make her a one-of-a-kind personalized brunch with your own two hands.

And don’t worry if you’re feeling stuck because picnicking and cooking just aren’t in the cards this Mother’s Day. There are tons a great gifts waiting for you at the farmers market as another option. In addition to fresh produce, many Maryland farmers markets have beautiful flower bouquets and plants, handmade soap and skin care products, honey, jams, pickles, wine and spirits, and more. (So much more!) You can rest assured knowing that when you spend your gift dollars at your farmers market, you are giving Mom something personal that was made with care by someone you know and can thank directly – farmers and makers would love to hear your feedback – as well as supporting Maryland agriculture and farm families with a Mom of their own to celebrate this Sunday.

Find a Maryland Farmers Market near you!

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