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Farmer's Guide for Selling at Farmers Market

Tips for Selling at Farmer Markets

Selling at a farmers market requires a lot of preparation and energy. Each week, farmers have to take an educated guess at how much to harvest and tote to each market. If they take too little, they’ll miss out on prime sales opportunities; but if they take too much, they’ll have unsold produce without a guaranteed sales outlet. Farmers must design stands with aesthetically seductive displays while also being mindful of practicality. No one wants to see their carefully crafted squash pyramid topple to the floor when a customer spots the perfect zucchini nestled in the bottom layer!

Inside this guide you find:

  • Worksheets to help farmers select farmers markets that are a good fit for their product.
  • Tools to calculate market expenses
  • Practical tips for creating an attractive market stand
  • And much more!
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