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Farmers, along with shoppers, are the foundation of the farmers market system. They are those that work the land, nurture the crops, and harvest for the food that makes it to market and ultimately on the plate.

The Maryland Farmers Market Association (MDFMA) is dedicated to supporting farmers in all the aspects of participating in a farmers market - from finding the right fit to maximizing sales, to marketing and promotions, to accepting all forms of payment from all types of customers.

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How To Grow Your Community Through Online Marketing

2020 Social Media Toolkit for Farmers & Agricultural Producers

Social media is a free way to engage current shoppers, attract new ones, create awareness of your brand and mission, and grow your business. That being said, farmers need another thing to do like a fish needs a bicycle! This guide takes into account current developments in social media and provides farmers and agricultural producers with a stripped-down and streamlined toolkit to getting the most out of social media on an extremely tight time budget. While the intended audience is farmers, this guide might be useful for farmers market managers, makers, and small businesses. 

This guide was made possible thanks to a Northeast SARE grant. 

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